Hiring – Senior Conveyancer

November 17, 2015


November 17, 2015

Career Posting – Senior Conveyancer

David Watts Notary Corporation is a BC Notary firm that specializes in residential real estate conveyancing.  We are conveniently located in downtown Vancouver, across from Waterfront Station at the corner of Granville and Hastings.  We have been in practice since May of 2006 and have voted by readers of the Georgia Straight as “Winner” in their “Best of Vancouver” in the category of “Best Lawyer / Notary when Buying /Selling  Real Estate” for the past 7 years.  We work with a variety of local and international clients and their properties through the province.  One of the key things that makes our firm different, as well as a great place to work is our commitment to technology in making our jobs as efficient as possible and keeping focus on work / life balance for all staff.

Reporting to the President, the Senior Conveyancer’s key duties and responsibilities are:

  • Purchase, sale, refinance files; start to finish
  • Quote clients when they inquire
  • Provide information about our process
  • Respond to inquiries for file updates
  • Open files, do them, register & pay out, reporting to clients and lenders
  • Maintain BF system for discharges, holdbacks, STC’s

Experience required:

  • 3-5 years working as a Conveyancer doing purchase, mortgage and sale files

Education required:

  • Post-Secondary
  • Consideration for LAA, other Conveyancing Courses

Key Skills:

  • Software:
    • Pro Suite
    • BC Online & LTSA
    • Outlook, Word, Acrobat
  • Experience with:
    • Strata properties
    • Private and bank mortgages
    • Leasehold properties
    • New project conveyances
  • Understand basic legal concepts;
    • Joint tenancy v. tenants in common
    • What is title insurance?
    • Explain to a client how they qualify for First Time Home Buyer Exemption to PTT

Key Motivators:

  • Seeks a busy work environment with a stimulating pace where there is a need to accomplish tasks in a timely fashion.
  • Seeks recognition for their attention to detail; their ability to accept and follow guidelines; and produce dependable work.
  • Is motivated by work that has a balance of “social” and “technical” activities – some selling and persuading along with some analytical / quantitative components. They are also engaged by the opportunity to help establish performance expectations.
  • Tends to seek a role which allows for individual initiative within a team environment, at times providing guidance to others while also completing personal tasks.
  • Is motivated by opportunities to be involved in decision-making processes and coordinate the efforts of others.
  • Seeks recognition for effective input leading to improvement and for accomplishing specific objectives.

There is an attractive compensation package based on salary and bonus based on achieving growth targets.

If you are interested in this position please:

  1. Email resume and cover letter to hr.dwnc@gmail.com
  2. Complete a Pro.file People survey which is an on-line personality assessment which takes approximately 25 minutes to complete http://www.profileperformancesystem.com/survey.html?SL=46236

While we thank you in advance for your interest and application, please be advised that we will only respond to candidates selected for further consideration.

Thank you,

David Watts