Lawyer / Notary to use when Buying or Selling Real Estate

Best Lawyer / Notary to use when Buying or Selling Real Estate

As a BC Notary office – we perform Real Estate Transfers, prepare Wills and Power of Attorney planning documents and provide general notary services. (including documents for the US and International purposes)

It’s that time of year again.  For the 7th time in the last 7 years; we have been voted by readers of the Georgia Straight as the Best in Vancouver – Winner – in the category of Lawyer or Notary to Use when Buying or Selling Real Estate.  Thank you to all who voted.  An even bigger thank you to Natashia, Adrienne and Simer in my office for your excellent work!!!  You each helped to make this possible.

Who do you know who is Buying or Selling Real Estate; or regularly works with people who do?  Busy Realtors and Mortgage Brokers are people we love to build relationships with.

Do you know a Realtor or Mortgage Broker?  Can you ask them if they are “Over the Moon– Thrilled” with the service they and their clients receive from their current lawyer or notary?   Could it be any better?  If so, please ask them to send their clients to us.  They won’t be disappointed.

If you are in the process of buying or selling real estate, and would like to know how the closing works, you can watch our video which explains the Conveyance Process in British Columbia.   Please then contact us via email: or phone us at 604 685 7786 for a quote and to find out how to work with us.

Thank you again for voting us 2015’s Best in Vancouver – Winner – in the category of Lawyer or Notary to Use when Buying or Selling Real Estate

David Watts, Notary Public
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Tel: 604 685 7786
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Real Estate Transfers – Wills – Notarizations

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Consumer Confidence Recovering

February 23, 2009

Consumer confidence Recovering

Canadian consumer confidence has revived since December to highest level since August, according to a Harris-Decima poll. While the US was officially in recession at that point, it wasn’t until September that the current economic turmoil emerged to the front pages of our newspapers with required bailouts an massive corporate failures.

While supply and demand are the key factors in prices and activity in the Real Estate Market, consumer confidence is a key component of demand. Nobody wants to purchase an asset that will immediately drop in value. Vancouver Real Estate Prices have been falling through much of 2008, and especially in the second half of the year.

Whether or not prices have stabilized, consumers are feeling good enough about the market that they are again participating. Since mid February, there has been a flurry of activity in the $250,000-$400,000 condominium market. Some of this has been the blowout sales such as the Onni Group / Mac Marketing and H & H (Homer and Helmcken) projects. I think the spring will see increased activity as good opportunities are identified and people are less scarred to make a move.

David Watts